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29 January 2010 @ 12:52 pm
In here you will find the application to complete the process to become a camper. No worries, you won't be rejected unless something is fishy about your account. Request to join the comm then fill this out. When you've done both, we'll accept you. Please make sure to put your username in the title of your reply so we know you've done it.

If you haven't filled this out, you WILL NOT be allowed to join (our way of weeding out suspicious accounts). Now, don't expect to get immediately sorted as the gods are forgetful as well as busy, but you WILL be placed in a cabin. When you are, head on over to the cabin listings in the sidebar and make yourself at home. If you were found and brought to Camp Half-Blood, please put the name of who brought you here to safety before you answer the questions.

13 questions, keep it short and sweet, include the questions in your responsesCollapse )
11 January 2010 @ 11:19 pm
Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!

Camp Rules

- We’re here to have fun and discuss the books and the movies. While we are fans, we’re also open to people poking fun at the series, much like anything else. We aren’t here, though, to demean fellow campers.

- Keep the drama to a minimum. We know that certain things like inside jokes and whatnot can’t be helped, but we mods want all the campers to get along, both old and new.

- There is no need to introduce yourself, just get to posting! That’s what the introduction post here is for.

- Try to keep news relating to the movies, books, tours, etc. as recent as possible. There are times when old news surfaces but it hasn’t been posted, so just check and see if it’s been posted before.

- This comm is a free-posting comm, meaning that the campers can post just about anything! But, we would love it if it includes participation of the other campers. For example, instead of making a post about your problems and ask what you should do, make an advice post and make a comment within it about said problems.

- That being said about the free-posting comm, we don't want every other post about fanfic, fanart, etc. so us counselors will be making weekly Fan Posts where you can post links to both good and lulzy pieces made by fans.

- We’re fully aware that there are all ages of campers, so there is a possibility that NSFW/NSFL things will be posted. While putting things under a cut are always a plus, we the mods will leave it to your discretion to know what is and isn’t put under a cut. Same applies for autoplay videos and music.

- We mods and the campers don’t take too well to people who: feel the need to be obnoxious, make a post demanding/requesting something, making personal posts, spreading rumors, serious identity theft (as in I’m pretending to be one person online but irl I’m another), and being a general jerk.

- If you’re part of a comm that you want to promote here, tell a mod in the contact a mod link! When you post an ad, make sure to include somewhere which mod approved of the promotion.


- If and when you have a problem, please tell any of us mods about it in the contact a mod link on the side. We’re not always here and we won’t know what’s going on all the time, so try and let us know what’s going on and we’ll try to help you as best as possible.

- If a particular mod is making you queasy (which we all hope not!), PM another counselor about this.

If you’re not accepted into Camp Half-Blood

We don’t reject campers-to-be on the whole, so here might be a few reasons why you might have not made it into the camp (don’t send us a million requests to get into the comm or PM a counselor dozens of times):
- You’re a new member to LJ. If you’re an old member and got a new account, tell a counselor.

- Your account looks like it’s been hanging out in the River Styx. You have no friends, no comments, no posts, nothing.

- You made an RP account and didn't advise us, making you look shady. If that's the case, contact one of the mods so we know what's up.

- Something else. We want to keep the camp free of demons, trolls, and other unlovable creatures.


- WE WON’T ALLOW ANY KIND OF DOWNLOADS THAT IS OFFICIALLY RELATED TO PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS. That means the movie, the books in PDF format, the soundtrack, and anything else officially licensed under FOX or Disney Hyperion, Miramax Books, or the previous publishers of the books is strictly forbidden. If you have the urge to find any of these, find your fix elsewhere as we don’t want to get into any legal troubles.

- Downloads of wallpapers, icons, posters and other kinds of graphics will be allowed.

Now that you’ve read the rules, head on over and fill out the application! Don’t worry, now that you’ve found us (or maybe we’ve found you), we won’t leave you in the dark and not know who your parent is.